Will SSC CGL 2017 tier 1 result shock you ?

SSC CGL has just completed taking the tier 1 exam from 05-08-17 to 23-08-17 in 43 batches in which more than 15 lacs student appeared. Last time in 2016 people saw a huge jump in the cut off marks compared to 2015. But this time for most of the shifts, paper was difficult than previous year and even the time was reduced from 75 min to 60 minutes. Hence most of the students are expecting that the cut off should decrease at least by 10 marks to about 127. But will this be the case, or the new cut off will shock everyone.

Why the cut off may be even higher than in 2016?

Well, there is a major change in pattern this year which most of the students have either neglected or not noticed. And this assumption is completely based on the that change in pattern. So what is the major change in pattern?

The answer is that this year Tier 2 and Tier 3 will be conducted simultaneously. So how does this change the scenario?

Till last year SSC used to select around 1.5 lacs students for tier 2 and then out of that only 35 thousand students were selected for tier 3. So only 35 thousands students had to give the descriptive test. But this year as both the tier 2 and tier 3 are conducted simultaneously, hence the descriptive has to be conducted for 1.5 lac students. This will increase the expenditure of SSC multiple folds. As the descriptive paper will have to be checked manually by teachers.

So, in order to reduce the cost of the exams it may take two steps:

  1. It may evaluate the tier 3 copies of only those students who have cleared some cut off of tier 2
  2. It may select very few students ( around 50 thousand ) after tier 1 itself

If the second case becomes true then there are very high chances that the cut off will be even higher than last year. It may be in the 140s or in higher 130s.

Let me clarify that I am not predicting the cut off nor I want cut off to rise up. But I am just trying to give one case scenario which is possible. I hope SSC selects 1.5 lacs students as usual so that cut off remains well below 130.

Thanks for reading. Do share your views in the comment below.

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