Sources of Constitution of India: Indian Polity for SSC CGL, UPSC

Indian Constitution has been influenced by Constitutions of lots of different countries. Each country has something to contribute to Indian Constitution. Hence in this chapter we will study those Sources of Constitution of India from where the Indian Constitution has derived it’s works.

From Britain: Mostly from Government of India Act, 1935

  • Parliamentary form of Government
  • Cabinet System
  • Bicameralism (Existence of 2 Houses)
  • Single Citizenship

From the United States of America:

  • Fundamental Rights : From US Bill of Rights
  • Procedure of Impeachment of President
  • Independent Judiciary
  • Judicial Review
  • Procedure of Removal of Judges of Supreme Court and High Court

From Constitution of Ireland:

  • Directive Principles of State Policies (DPSPs)
  • Method of election of President
  • Nomination of Members of Rajya Sabha

From Constitution of Canada:

  • Federation with Strong Center
  • Residuary Power with Center
  • Appointment of State Governors by President

From Germany:

  • Emergency Powers

From Russia/USSR

  • Fundamental Duties of Citizens of India

From Australia:

  • Concurrent List
  • Freedom of Trade
  • Joint Sitting of Parliament

From South Africa:

  • Election of Member of Rajya Sabha
  • Process of Amendment of Constitution

From Japan:

  • Procedure established by Law

With this we come to the end of the chapter of “Sources of Constitution of India”. In this we studied about the different sources of Indian Constitution.

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