Sangam Age : Cholas, Cheras Pandyas

Sangam Age: – Cholas,Cheras,Pandyas



  • Capital: – Uraiyur (Ancient Chola Empire, Chola Empire in 600 BC- Capital- Tanjor)
  • Emblem: – Tiger
  • Most Important Ruler: – Karikala
  • Famous for Cotton
  • Famous Port:- Kavenpattnam


  • Capital: – Vanji
  • Emblem: -Bow
  • Most Important Ruler: – Senguttuvan(Red Chera)


  • Capital- Madurai
  • Emblem- Fish
  • Most Important Ruler- Nendujelliyan
  • Famous for Pearls


  • It was an assembly of Tamil Poets held under patronage of Pandyan Kings.
  • Total Assemblies – 03


First Sangam Assembly

  • Believed to be attended by Gods
  • No surviving text available.
  • Chairman:- Rishi Agatsya/Agguityar (also know as Father of Tamil Literature)


Second Sangam Assembly

  • 1 Surviving Text- “Tolakappiyam” written by Tolakappiyar (Note :- It is also the oldest text of Tamil Literature ) ,
  • Tolakappiyam is a book on Tamil Grammar.


Third Sangam Assembly

  • It was held in Mudrai
  • Many Text are remaining but most important among them is “Tirukunal”
  • Tirukunal was written by Tiruvalluvar, also know as “Bible of the South”.

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