Pre Gupta Dynasties: Foreign rulers

As we studied in the last class that the Indian subcontinent were divided into two parts after the end of Mauryan Empire. And the southern kingdoms also became independent. In this chapter we will see the foreign Dynasties:


  • The Most important ruler was Menander also known as Milinda
  • He converted to Buddhism under Guru: “Nagasena”
  • Indo Greeks were first to use GOLD coins in India


  • The most important ruler was Rudradaman
  • He fought against the Satvahanas


  • Most important ruler was “GondoPhernes”


  • Came from North Central Asia near China
  • Kanishka was the most important ruler


  • He was also known as 2nd Ashoka
  • He adopted buddhism
  • He conducted the 4th Buddhist council in Kashmir
  • He started the calendar: Saka Era which is recognized by Govt of India ( Saka era starts from 78 CE)
  • He controlled the silk route
  • He patronised the following people:
    • Ashwaghosa wrote Buddhacharita
    • Nagarjuna
    • Vasumitra: The chairman of 4th Buddhist council
    • Charak : A very famous Physician who wrote Charak Samhita
    • Susruta: Father of surgery

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