Post Mauryan or Pre Gupta Dynasties

Post Mauryan India

After Ashoka’s death, his successors were not able to keep the vast Mauryan kingdom intact. Provinces started declaring independence. North West India slipped out of Mauryan control & a series of foreign invasion affected this region.

  • Kalinga declared its independence & in further south Satavahanas declared their independent rule
  • As a result, the Mauryan empire was confined to Gangetic valley & soon replaced by Sunga dynasty
  • The country got divided into two parts: one ruled by native rulers and the other ruled by the foreign rulers

Native Rulers:

Sunga Dynasty

  • Founder of Sunga dynasty was Pushyamitra Sunga, who was commander in chief under the Mauryas.
  • He assasinated the last Mauryan ruler & claimed the throne
  • He revived orthodox hinduism and performed 2 Ashwamedha yajnas
  • He also fought against Kharvela of Kalinga who invaded N- India
  • Pushyamitra was a staunch follower of Brahamanism & persecuter of Budhhists, however he patronised buddhist art & during his reign Buddhist monuments of Bharut (MP) & Sanchi were renovated. Gateway Railing of Sanchi Stupa was built during Sunga period
  • After death of Pushyamitra, his son Agnimitra became the ruler
  • Agnimitra, the Sunga king was the hero of the Play later written by Kalidas : Malvika Agnimitra
  • The last Sunga ruler was Devabhuti, Who was murdered by his own minister Vasudeva Kanva, Founder of Kanva dynasty.
  • Kanva dynasty ruler for approx 45 years & then Supplanted by Satavahanas & few time later came Gupta’s at Magadha

 Kanva Dynasty

  • Founder of Kanva dynasty was Vasudeva
  • Last ruler was Susarman

Satvahana Dynasty

  • Also known as the “Andhras”
  • Founder : Simuka
  • Greatest ruler: Gautamiputra Satakarni
  • Amravati School of Arts flourished during this period
  • First to give land grants to Brahmins


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