Post Gupta Period: Pushyabhuti Dynasty / Vardhana Dynasty

After the Gupta Empire the Vardhana Dynasty Emerged as the biggest Dynasty in North India. It is also known as Pushyabhuti Dynasty

Northern India

 Vardhana Dynasty / Pushyabhuti Dynasty

 Founder: – Pushyabhuti Vardhana

Gupta’s (Feudatories) – When Hunas attacked they made themselves ruler.

Most Important Ruler: HarshaVardhan’

Rulers of Area: Thaneshwar, current Haryana

Prabhakar Vardhana had two sons:-

  • Rajyavardhana
  • Harshavardhana

RajyaVardhana was killed by Shashanka of Gaud. After his death Harshavardhana became King

Gaud (N.W Bengal) –   Shashanka



  • He was made king at age of 16 (606 AD)
  • He was the greatest Vardhana ruler (ruled for more than 40 years)
  • He was also called “Siladitya”
  • After defeating Shushunka, He made Kannauj as Capital.
  • Later after Shuskunka’s death, he captured his empire & Magadh.
  • He was defeated by Pulakeshin II (Chalukya Empire)




  • Hiuen Tsang visited during his reign (China)
  • Kannaj assembly conducted for Hiuen Tsang
  • He wrote 3 plays:- Nagunda, Ratnavali, Priyadarshika
  • Banabhatta (his court poet)- wrote – Harshacharita.
  • Hiuen Tsang- Si Yu Ki
  • Harsha Era/Samvat- 606 AD


Facts about Eras: –


VikramSamvat – (Vikramaditya): 57 BCE

Gregorian – 0 AD

Saka Era: Given by Kanishka : 78 AD

Gupta Era: Given by Chandragupta 1 – 320 AD

Harsha Era: Given by Harshavardhana – 606 AD


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