Post Gupta Period: Kingdoms of South – Chalukyas and Pallavas


Chalukayas :-

  • Capital: – Badami (Western Chalukyas, Known as Chalukyas of Badami, Later divided into Eastern Chalukyas and Later Western Chalukyas)
  • Eastern Chalukyas Capital- Vengi (Known as Chalukyas of Vengi)
  • Later Western Chalukyas Capital- Kalyani

Badami Chalukyas

The Vakataka power was followed by that of Chalukyas of Badami.

  • Capital – Badami/Vatapi
  • Greatest Ruler- Pulkeshin II (Note :- Pulkeshin II defeated Harshavardhan, on the banks of Narmada)
  • Hiuen Tsang visited Chalukyas during Pulkeshin II regin.

Various Temple at

  • Aihole
  • Pattadakal


Pallavas :-

  • Capital:- Kanchipuram/Kanchi
  • Greatest ruler :- Narsimhavarman I (He defeated Pulkeshin II, and hence was known as Vatapikonda )
  • Narsimhavaraman I also known as Mammala and Narsimhavaraman II known as Rajsimha
  • Sect:- Brahminical Hindus.
  • Started Dravidian style architecture which reached its zenith during Chola Empire.

Various Temple at

  • Mammalipuram/Mahabalipuram (Ratha Temple & Mandappa Temple)- Build by Narsimhavarman I
  • Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram and Kalishnath Temple & Vaikunth Temple at Kanchi – By Narsimhavarman II (Rajsimha)

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