Part 2 : Citizenship (Article 5 to 11)

Last chapter we studies about Part 1. In this chapter we will study about the Part 2 of Indian constitution of India.

In these Articles the rules of getting and losing Citizenship of India is mentioned at the time of Partition and formation of India (1950). At Present, we use Citizenship Act 1955 to decide the rules of gaining or losing Citizenship of India.

Article 5:

  • It states that a Person will be a Citizen of India if he is born or domiciled in India (Talking about 1950)

Article 6:

  • In this article, Provisions are made for People migrating from the newly formed Pakistan

Article 7:

  • Provisions for People who migrated to Pakistan and came back to India

Article 8:

  • Provisions for overseas Citizen of India who wanted Indian Citizenship

Article 9:

  • A person accepting citizenship of any foreign country will not be citizen of India

Article 10:

  • Continuation of Rights of citizens of India

Article 11:

  • It mentions that the Parliament has the right to change the provisions for Citizenship of India

These were the important Articles of Part 2 of the Constitution of India

But at Present we follow Citizenship Act 1955 to decide rules for Citizenship of India.

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