Indian Polity: Introduction


It is the study of ” How a state or territory will be ruled”


It is the ” Set of rules that governs how the state will be ruled”

Three Pillars of Constitution of India:

  1. Legislative:

    • It is the body that “legislates” or makes laws for the state. It can ammend the constitution but the essence of constitution must remain in tact. India is a democracy, hence the legislative here is elected by the people, The Parliament here is the Legislative body at the centre and the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council are the legislative bodies of the state. Both the MPs ( Member of Parliament) and the MLAs( Members of Legislative Assembly) are elected by the people.
  2. Executive:

    • This is the body which is responsible for “Policy making” of the country. Bringing new schemes, collecting and spending tax, etc is done by it. As our country has parliamentary form of government there is a close relationship between the legislative and the executive. The Executive is elected from the legislative by the President on the advice of Prime Minister.
  3. Judiciary:

    • It is the body that is responsible for all the judicial actions, and providing justice to the people. In India we have Independent Judiciary and hence it has no relationship with the legislative or the executive

This was the basic introduction to the Indian Polity and some terms we will use frequently later in the different chapters. To download notes in PDF form click on link below:

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