History: Study material

We will be dealing history in different chapters. Each chapter may be divided into several sub chapters depending on the content of the chapter. We will also be providing study notes and video tutorials to make things lucid. You can also visit our YouTube page : The Vedic Academy, where you can find all the video content in one place. To get regular video tutorials you can subscribe to the channel.

You can choose any chapter in which you are weak. But we will suggest you to read all the chapters in a serial order to understand the concepts more clearly.

The breakup of the chapter will be as following:

1.1 Pre-Historic Era

2.1 The Harappan Civilization

3.1 Facts about Aryans

4.1 The Vedic Age: Part 1

4.2 The Vedic Age: Part 2

4.3 The Vedic Age: Part 3

5.1 Rise of Mahajanapadas

6.1 Rise of Magadha as an Empire: Pre Mauryan Dynasties

7.1 The Mauryan Empire

8.1 Post Mauryan Empire: Native rulers

8.2 Post Mauryan Empire: Foreign Dynasties

8.3 Post Mauryan Empires: Kingdoms of the south

9.1 The Gupta Empire

9.2 Gupta Art, Literature and Architecture

10.1 Post Gupta Empire: Vardhana Dynasty

10.2 Post Gupta Period : Chlukyas and Pallavas

11. Age of the Rajputs

12. The Imperial Chola Empire

13. Entry of Muslim Rule in India

14. Delhi Sultanate: Slave Dynasty

15. Delhi Sultanate: Khilji Dynasty

16. Delhi Sultanate: Tughlaq Dynasty’

17. Delhi Sultanate: Sayid and Lodhi Dynasty