The Gupta Empire: for SSC CGL, UPSC

GUPTA AGE ( 3rd Century AD- )

Important rulers

  • Sri Gupta – Founder of Gupta Empire

                     Clan- Vaishya

  • Ghatotakacha- Son of Sri Gupta
  • Chandragupta 1 – Son of Ghatotakacha (Beginning of Greater Gupta Empire)



  • Ruled over Magadha , Saket & Prayag
  • Started Gupta Era (320 AD)
  • Matrimonial Alliances (Kumardevi of Licchachavi clan)
  • Issued Gold coins in the name of Kumardevi


  • Son of Chandragupta I
  • Known from – Allahabad Inscription i.e Prayag Prashashti , which was written by Harisena (Prashashti means poem in praise)
  • Known as Napolean of India , (Title given by VA Smith)
  • Had a strong navy (Java/Sumatra)
  • Coins- He played Vina (reflects interest of Samundragupta in music)
  • Also called “Dharm Prachar Bandhu”
  • In his rule, King of Sri Lanka had sent missionaries (Meghvarman) for building Buddhist temple in Gaya (Bihar)



  • Also known as Vikramaditya
  • First Gupta ruler to issue to Silver Coins
  • Court at Ujjain had- 9 jems (Navratna) (Important jems- Kalidas, Harisena)
  • Chinese Pilgrim “Fa Hien” visited during his reign
  • Ujjain was made 2nd  (1st Capital was Patliputra)


  • He founded Nalanda University
  • He worshipped Lord Kartikeya
  • He fought with “Hunas” (Mongol tribes), and died fighting hunas.


  • He repelled Hunas – 2 times
  • Also had the title of Vikramaditya. (Chandragupta II also had the title of Vikramaditya)
  • He repaired Sudarshan Lake.


Continuous attack of Huna weakened the Gupta Empire, Consequently Later Gupta Ruler were weaker.

Later Guptas:

Purushagupta to Kumargupta III.

Last Gupta Ruler– Kumargupta III


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