Entry of Muslim rule in India

Medieval Period

Arab and entry of Turkish rulers

Arab Invasions

  • 1st Muslim ruler to invade India – Md. Bin Quasim (712 AD)
  • He captured the area of Sind.

Turkish Invasions

  • Mahmud Ghajnavi of Ghajni- 17 Raid (Purpose-Looting and Plundering Indian wealth and temple, not to establish empire in India)
  • In his 16th Raid – He looted Somnath Temple (1025 AD)
  • Alburni wrote “Kitab-ul-Hind”. (He was poet in the court of Mahmud Ghajnavi)


  • Ghori – He tried to expand towards Delhi


  • He was defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan (Pritviraj III) in 1st Battle of Tharain (1191 AD).
  • He defeated Pritviraj Chauhan (Pritviraj III) in 2nd Battle of Tharain (1192 AD).


  • Bakthiyar Khilji- Ghori’s Commander , who destroyed Nalanda & Vikramshila University.
  • Qutub din Aibak – slave of Md. Ghori , who started Slave dynasty. (Slave Dynasty also known as Mammluk Dynasty).


Delhi Sultanate Period { Slave Dynasty  >  Khilji Dynasty  >  Tughlaq Dynasty >   Saiyyad Dynasty >  Lodhi Dynasty }



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