Delhi Sultanate: Slave Dynasty / Mammluk Dynasty

Slave/Mammluk Dynasty

  • Founder- Qutub din Aibak (Lakhbaksh), He died while playing “Polo”
  • Capital- Lahore


  • Real founder of Turkish rule in India
  • He founded “Chahalgani” (Group of 40)
  • Chengiz khan invaded India during his reign
  • Razia Sultana (first woman ruler in India) was daughter of Iltutmish


  • He destroyed power of “Chahalgani” (Group of 40)
  • He gave himself the title of “Zil-i-Ilahi” (Shadow of God) & “Nasir-amir-ul-mumin”(Right hand of Caliph)
  • He introduced Sajda & Paiboj.
  • He followed policy of Blood & Iron.


  • Last ruler of Slave Dynasty
  • He was defeated by Jaluddin Khilji (Khilji Dynasty) and with his defeat slave dynasty came to an end.


  • Quwat Ul Islam Mosque (Delhi):- 1st Mosque in India built by Qutub din Aibak
  • Adhai din ka Jhonpra (Ajmer)- built by Qutub din Aibak
  • Qutub Minar- Started by Qutub din Aibak and finished by Iltutmish

Note :- Qutub Minar is not named after Qutub din Aibak but it is after Qutbuddin Bakhtiar kaki (a sufi saint) .


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