Delhi Sultanate: Sayid and Lodhi Dynasty for SSC CGL, UPSC


Tumur’s Invasion (1398-1399),

  • Turkish Invader from Mongolia (Chengiz khan descendent), He invaded Delhi during Md. Shah Tughlaq rule.
  • He mercilessly plundered Delhi
  • He appointed “Khizr Khan” to rule Punjab.

Khizr khan

  • Founded Sayyid Dynasty
  • He captured Delhi in 1414 AD.

Alam ShahLast Ruler of Sayyid Dynasty.


  • Book- Tariq-i-Mubarak Shahi was written during Sayyid dynasty reign.
  • Author of this book- Yaha-Bin-Ahmad-Sirhind




  • Founder: – Bahlol Lodhi (Afghan Origin, not Turkish Origin)


  • He founded city Agra and made it his capital.
  • He wrote Gulrukhi in Persian.


  • Last ruler of Lodhi Dynasty
  • In 1526 AD- First Battle of Panipat was fought in which Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi
  • Babur was invited by Dulat khan lodhi (Gov of Punjab)


The first Battle of Panipat signifies end of Lodhi Dynasty and Beginning of Mughal Dynasty in India.


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