Delhi Sultanate : Khilji Dynasty for SSC CGL, UPSC


  • Founder: – Jalaluddin Khilji
  • Most Important Ruler:- Alauddin Khilji (Son in law of Jalaluddin )

Alauddin Khilji (also know as Sikander Sani – 2nd Alexander)

  • General- Malik Kafur (expansion of Delhi Sultanate in South till Rameshwaram)
  • Court Poet:– Amir Khusro (Tut-i-hind), also known as Parrot of India.
  • Nizamuddin Auliya exited in his regime.
  • Removed Zamindari System.


Administrative Reforms

  • He issued 4 ordinances to curb the power of nobles

-Confiscation of Land given as grants

-Improvement of spy system

-Banning of alcohol and gambling

-Nobles could not gather or marry internally without permission

  • He fixed the price of goods and made markets for the transaction.
  • Daag and Chehra were introduced for identification of men and horses of army.



He built –

  • -Alai Darwaja (Delhi)
  • -Jamait Khana mosque
  • -Alai Minar


  • Last Ruler of Khilji Dynasty :- Khusrau Khan

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