The Constituent Assembly of India

After the World War 2 came to an end, the Cabinet Mission Plan came to India which proposed the formation of a constituent Assembly.

The Cabinet Mission Plan consisted 3 People

  1. A.V Alexander
  2. Stafford Cripps
  3. Pethick Lawrence

After this election was held in 1946 for election of members of CA. The CA was partly elected from British ruled provinces and partly nomnated from Princely States

Total Strength of CA was 389 at the time of it’s formation. 296 elected and 93 nominated.

Constituent Assembly Meetings

  1. First meeting of CA: 9th Dec, 1946 – Sachidanand Sinha was made president on basis of seniority

  2. Second meeting of CA: 11th Dec, 1946 – Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected Permanent President

  3. Third meeting of CA : 13th Dec, 1946 – Objective Resolution Proposed by J.L Nehru

  4. Objective Resolution was passed on 22nd Jan 1947

  5. Our National Flag was accepted on 22nd July 1947

  6. India got independence on 15th Aug, 1947

  7. on 29th Aug, 1947 Drafting committee was formed: Dr. B.R Ambedkar was the Chairman ( Hence he is called “Modern Manu” or ” Father of Indian Constitution”

  8. Total 3 readings happened before the Constitution was finally accepted on 26th Nov, 1949

  9. Dr. Rajendra Prasad became President of India and National Anthem was accepted on 24th Jan, 1950

  10. The constitution came into force on ” 26th Jan, 1950

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