The Chola Empire : The Imperial Cholas

Pre Medieval Period

The Chola Empire (Imperial)

  • Imperial Chola Empire (Don’t confuse with Sangam age Cholas, this chola empire came much later than the sangam age cholas)
  • Feudatories of Pallavas overthrown the Pallavas empire and established Chola Empire . (later they also defeated pandayas ).
  • Capital :- Tanjore/ Thanjavur
  • Founder: – Vijalaya
  • Greatest Ruler – Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra chola I
  • They possessed huge Naval Power (Raja raja was the first ruler to have strong navy)
  • Raja Raja started capturing “Ceylon”-(Sri Lanka) and Rajendra I finished it.
  • Rajendra Chola– Started annexation towards North and reached almost near Ganga. (First Southern king to achieve this feat) , Hence he was also known as Gangai Konda.
  • Rajendra Chola established a new capital called Gangaikonda cholapuram
  • Last Ruler- Rajendra Chola III.



Chola Art and Architecture


  • Dravaidian Architecture at its zenith during this reign.
  • Nataraja Sculpture
  • Temple- Brihadishvara , also called Rajarajesvaram (built by Raja Raja Chola)

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