British Acts which led to formation of Constitution of Inda

When Britishers came to India as ” East India Company” they came to do business. But when the business of EIC flourished then the British Government decided to put a control over the actions of the EIC through many acts and laws. These laws developed with time and finally the Indian Constitution was greatly influenced by the last act of the Britishers ” Government of India Act 1935 and used it as a basic skeleton to frame the constitution of India.

The different British Acts in chronological order are:

  • Regulating Act, 1773

    • 1st definite step for Parliamentary Control of EIC
    • It established the first supreme court of India in Calcutta
  • Pitt’s India Act, 1784

  • Charter’s Act, 1793

  • Charter’s Act, 1813:

    • Trade monopoly of EIC came to an end ( except for Trade of Tea)
    • Christian Missionaries were allowed to spread their religion in India
  • Charter’s Act, 1833:

    • Business aspect of EIC was stopped
    • Governor “General of Bengal” became “Governor General of India“: 1st governor General was Lord William Bentinck
    • This act ended “Slavery”
  • Charter’s Act, 1853:

    • Civil Services Examination started
  • Govrnment of India, Act 1858

    • Power went from EIC to British crown after the Revolt of 1857
  • Indian Councils Act, 1861

  • Indain Councils Act, 1892

  • Indian Councils Act, 1909

    • It is also known as the Morley Minto reform
    • It brought the “Communal award” or “Communal Electorate” : Separate representations for Muslims
  • Government of India Act, 1919

    • It was also known as the Montague Chelmsford Reform
    • It brought the “Dyarchy System”
    • It also made House ” Bicameral”
  • Government of India Act, 1935

    • It was called as “Charter of Slavery” by JL Nehru
    • It was the basic skeleton for making the Indian Constitution

With this came the last Act over British India. Then after this Cabinet Mission Plan came which proposed to form a Constituent Assembly that will form the constitution of India. Election happened and CA was formed

Then with “Independence of Inda, Act 1947” India became independent and Partition of Pakistan happened. Then our CA formed the “Constitution of India”

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