Best books for SSC CGL Preparation

There are several books available in the market. This creates a confusion in the minds of students. Hence it is best for them to find the best books initially and then focus completely on their studies. Hence if are looking for the best books for SSC CGL preparation then we will suggest these books.

First, we will divide the books into two segments:

  • Books for depth knowledge of the subject
  • Books for thorough practice

Books for depth knowledge of the subject:

You need a book which deals with all the basic knowledge of the subject along with short-cut tricks and full explanation of problems. You will need a separate book for practicing lots and lots of questions. This will not only make your base strong but also allow you to tackle any kind of new problem without any difficulty.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude/ Mathematics: This is the most important section for cracking SSC CGL carrying 250/600 marks(including Tier 1 and Tier 2). And you can easily score between 210-230 marks in this section.
  • Books for improving the base of this subjects are:
    • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal: It is a wonderful book which has all types of question from the basic level to tough level questions. Good for building the foundation. This is one of the best books for SSC CGL Preparation.


  • Advance maths for general competition by KD Publication/ Or Rakesh Yadav: We would suggest you to buy any one of the books for advance maths as both of them are good. Buying anyone of them is equally good


2. Verbal Ability/ English: This subject is equally important for SSC CGL as Maths. It also carries 250 marks out of 600. But you will have to practice a lot for scoring good marks. This is one of the best books for SSC CGL Preparation.

Important books for concept building:

  • English for general competition by Neetu Singh:

3. General Awareness: This section is the “make or break” section. If you are good in this section then you can get an additional advantage of 20-25 marks over students who are weak in it. This finally helps you to overcome the barrier of cutoff marks easily. Without strengthening it you can’t expect to crack cgl at a good post.

Books recommended are:

  • Lucent GK: This book is a must for all SSC aspirants. Good for revising concepts quickly. This is one of the best books for SSC CGL Preparation.

Apart from the books you also need to see our video tutorials at this link to clear your concepts:

Youtube Channel : The Vedic Academy


4. Reasoning Ability: For reasoning ability, you need to solve as many questions from the Kiran Chapterwise Previous Years. We will cover that in the next section.

Books for thoroughly practicing the subjects:

For all the subjects there is only one book that we will suggest and that is Kiran Chapterwise Previous years. I can guarantee that no other book can prepare you better than these books:

Best books for SSC CGL

  1. Quantitative Aptitude/ Maths:

2. English:

3. General Awareness:

4. Reasoning Ability:

If you have all the above books then the only thing holding you back is hard work. Just practice a lot and give as many test series as possible to polish every subject. As they all say ” There is no substitute for hard work”.

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