Age of the Rajputs and Tripartite struggle

  • North India/Central :- Harsha reign was followed by Rajputs.

Chalukyas were overthrown by Rashtrakutas

Pallavas were overthrown by Imperial Cholas.


RAJPUTS (7th Century- 12th Century)

>Tripartite Struggle for Kannauj – Between Palas , Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas.

Pala Dynasty

  • Location :- Munger/Mundagiri (Bihar)
  • Founder:- Gopala
  • Ruled after later Guptas
  • Most important ruler
  • Dharmpala- revived Nalanada University and built Vikramshila University.

Pratiharas Dynasty

  • Location: – Rajasthan and Gujrat
  • Greatest ruler- Mihir Bhoja
  • Last Ruler- Yashpal

Rashtrakutas Dynasty

  • Capital- Manyakhet/Malkhed (Karnataka )
  • Founder :- Dantidurga
  • Greatest Ruler- Amoghavarsha (he wrote Kavirajmarga, Kannada Poem)

Temples built by Rashtrakutas

  • Ellora Caves Temple
  • Kailash Temple at Ellora ( Built by Krishna I)

>Independent Rajput Kingdoms

  • Chandelas – Capital – Bundelkhand (Famous for building Khajuraho Temple)
  • Chauhans –  Capital – Delhi

Important ruler Prithviraj Chauhan – fought 1ST & 2nd Battle of Tharain, he defeated Md. Ghori in the 1st battle (1191 AD) and was defeated by Md. Ghori in the 2nd Battle of Tharain (1192 AD)

  • Prithviraj Chauhan- friend and poet “Chand Bardai” wrote Prithviraj Raso (a Brajbhasha epic poem about the life of Prithviraj Chauhan).
  • Other Kingdoms were- Prmars, Rathod, Tomars etc.


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