A final advice before appearing for tier 3 of SSC CGL

Hi students,

Do you want to know what is the technique that can help you crack the tier 3 exam with good marks?

Tier 3 is the exam which can make or break the game of any student who is in the range of 440 to 480. A bad day in tier 3 can make all your efforts in tier 2 to waste. And a good day in tier 3 can help you amend for the mistakes done in tier 2. So what is the main factor which will decide whether your exam goes good or bad?

The answer for this is a peaceful and calm mind. Yes, it sounds so simple. But it is actually not that easy to achieve. So I will tell you a few tricks by which you can give tier 3 with a calm and composed mind so that you may not miss the interview post by a few marks:

  1. Practice: Practicing of essay and letter writing is very essential. It is the first step of overcoming exam fear. The more you practice, the more confident you are mentally when you see the question paper.
  2. Thinking before writing: You know 1 hour is a lot of time for writing essay and letter of such less words. So it is very important to write only relevant things and in a systematic way. Hence before starting to write the essay it letter, prepare it in your mind. Plan how will you proceed and then start writing. This will give you a planned and clear mind.
  3. Boosting yourself: Self motivation is very important in clearing SSC. It is the main difference which can either give you a seat or send you back to level zero. Always trust yourself. You have reached here after beating more than 15 lakhs students appeared in the exam. You have worked hard for it and you will not anything come in your way. Just keep this attitude and no one can stop you.

My final words for you guys is to keep your head calm, think before you write and never lose hope. Remember that the night is darkest before the dawn.

Best of luck guys and girls.

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  1. Sir/Madam,
    I have my descriptive exam CGL in about a month or so.
    I have to start my preparation from the scratch.
    Which material for the essays and letters would you recommend?
    I got 56 marks in CHSL 2016 descriptive..I wish to score around 70 this time.

    Your little help would go a long way for me.
    Thank You.

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